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Defi Link Display VSD X

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Defi Link Display VSD X

Defi is a French word meaning “challenge” that identifies a brand division of Nippon Seiki, a Japanese car instrument supplier to all major manufacturers. The Defi products are developed using the comprehensive research and technology of Nippon Seiki.

Defi-Link Display VSD X is a 2007 release which is based on the previous VSD Concept. It is a product to display information on the speed, engine speed, and so on by reflecting the information in the drivers line of vision. Previous versions did this on the windshield of the vehicle, but the new unit has its own display to prevent variation in quality where the curve of the windscreen was great. The projection technology is known commonly as a "Heads Up Display" or HUD for short." HUD allows drivers to keep line of sight forward as shown in the diagrams and recognize the image(speed and/or other information) projected near the windshield efficiently and quickly. The HUD technology is often found in cockpits of jets, helicopters and tanks.

VSD is Defi’s original technology focusing on compactness and universality utilizing the HUD technology. VSD displays by reflection. By installing it, drivers can view the information in their field of normal vision through the windshield without looking at dashboard instruments.

By displaying the vehicle information in the line of sight legibly, it takes shorter time to look at and adjust the focal point of eyes on the information than looking at the genuine gauges. It makes driving safer, especially when driving winding roads or highway under bad weather.

The display unit is small not to obstruct the driver's field of vision.

The display is visible in daylight by using Vacuum Florescent Displays (high bright light source).

Two super high bright LED indicators for warning information or shift up points.

Default functionality is Vehicle Speed and Engine Speed.

When connecting this product to the extremely reliable Defi Link System, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust temperature can be displayed as well as vehicle speed and engine speed. Note: Cannot display Turbo Boost pressure.

Note: Defi Link System Control Unit II and Defi Link Meters or Sensor Sets are sold separately.

The brightness is adjusted automatically. (A dim sensor is included in the product.)

Auto dimmer mode and manual dimmer mode are available. When the auto dimmer mode is selected, the brightness of display is adjusted automatically depending on the outside light.

This product is for use ONLY on vehicles with a 12V electrical system.

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