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Zele International GT-R R35 - Rear Under Panel - Carbon

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Improve your exterior image.

Beautiful Wet Carbon.

Zele International is a Nissan one stop shop for performance tuning. They sell Complete Nismo spec vehicles and have recently branched into aero tuning parts building on their experience as a Nissan workshop and dealership. With strong ties to Nissan you can expect these parts to be off the highest quality and pass any test.

The R35 GT-R is an amazing vehicle that is setting a new benchmark in tuning. Make your's exceed this and customize it the way you want it to be.

The Zele International R35 Wet Carbon Rear Under Panel enhances the exterior of any R35.
It has a wide carbon weave to be instantly recognizable and will match other items like the Side Skirts and Lip Spoiler effectively.

It is a genuine wet carbon duct that replaces the standard body plastic items for a subtle but effective enhancement to your R35.

The rear panel is an additial 15mm lower on the sides of the panel for balance with side skirts and front lip spoiler additions for the total tuning look.

Complement this item with the Zele carbon fender ducts and other carbon items.

Simple replacement fit can be completed quickly by the home mechanic as this is a simple installation.

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