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Advan Racing

Yokohama Tyre Company has been designing original wheels since 1974. Their racing heritage flows into their road wheels from many wins in Super Taikyu and Formula races. Their ranges are divided into street, race and luxury wheel brands. Advan Racing is the race focussed wheel range.

Advan Racing RGII.

The RGII wheel is a one piece wheel with a 6 spoke design. It has the strength and lightweight characteristics of a cast rim with the new advanced spun formation techniques adding to both areas. Between the rim and the spokes is a raised section, 1mm high that contains the Advan Racing Logo. After the painting process is complete this logo is shaved to expose the metal of the rim. For bright chrome wheels this is not performed. Another logo is also placed along one spoke designating the Wheel Advan Racing RS.

These wheels have a deep dish “GTR design” option with a heavy taper towards the centre for larger rims. Up to 9J with 35 offset incorporates the standard design. While the more tapered versions are the bigger 9, 9.5 and 10” versions. The wheel has a twin flange design because the spoke extends to the outer flange and the spoke itself tapers to the centre. With 6 thicker spokes it is easy for the designers to create a structurally rigid rim and therefore guaranteeing the same lightweight characteristics as the RS wheel.

Wheels are available in 15, 16, 17 and 18inch designs and most offsets to suit almost any car.

Three main colours are available, Silver, White and Bright Chrome. Bright Chrome is available as at extra cost. Gold is available in 17 and 18inch designs and Bronze is also available for small sizes of 15 and 16inch. As Advan wheels may not be available in all colours for all sizes, please study the listing carefully. It can be a little confusing but please take care when selecting Size, PCD, Offset and Colour to ensure correct ordering. 

Centre Caps are not included. Check the related items to order the caps for Advan Racing Wheels.
Please select the size available for your vehicle.
Price is per wheel of any size although Advan Bright Chrome is a premium finish and attracts an additional cost per rim.

* You will need input the correct quantity required. This also allows you to replace damaged wheels, or buy a matching spare if you wish. If you wish to buy different width or diameter wheels front and rear, please select these, and add a pair of each to your shopping basket.

** If you need advice on what sizes are suitable for your car, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail and we will advise you on what size wheels will suit your car best.

*** Most manufacturers have some restrictions for wheel sizes if your car is fitted with larger brake callipers such as Brembo.

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