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Enkei RSM9

Released June 2011

The RSM9 wheels are an evolution model of the older RS+M wheels. With larger sizing and increases spoke design for a wider range of vehicles and include the newest design features. These are designed for most Japanese vehicles and portray the racing image which Enkei have developed through Super Taikyu and other forms of Motor sport in Japan.

Enkei also has the ultimate reputation as a developer of Formula 1 wheels for McLaren. The company knows about performance.

The RSM9 wheel uses Enkei’s Most Advanced Technology


The process to manufacture forged wheels and the material necessary to produce it have a very high cost. Many end users understand the benefits of the forged wheels but they cannot afford it. ENKEI's new generation of light weight wheels, made with the latest M.A.T dura flow forming process, achieves light weight, strong and anti-flex properties while keeping the cost accessible to the end user. The high performance properties and the reasonable cost is definitely catching the attention of sport wheel users. Many times this exceeds the strength of forged wheels.

These new RSM9 wheels from Enkei adopt the strengthening rib that runs around the rim to support the Enkei statement of 360°PERFECT. This helps to provide better anti-twisting characteristics of the wheels under cornering stresses. It provides positive feedback through the steering wheel.


The 9 spoke design is shaped by the optimization of the spoke's depth to height ratio. It is a striking design making it recognizable as a sports wheel at a glance. The spoke curve toward the rim delivers a 3d look and a wider appearance to the rim 


the side cut is achieved by shaving off aluminium from the side of each spoke, which has come from racing design. This has come from years of trial and error in racing and is used for the first time on an Enkei wheel.


The rim uses anti slip paint with a high coefficient of friction to on the tyre bead section to prevent slip and minimize distortion during max acceleration and deceleration in racing. 

Available in one colour only. Silver.

Please select the size available for your vehicle.

Price is per wheel of any size. 17"~19" versions are available in varying PCD for European and Japanese vehicles.

Two colours are available Platinum silver and Piano Black with a silver rim. 

Centre caps and centre cap bolts (wrench set are included with these wheels.) and valves

Euro fitment may require a special bolt kit.

* You will need input the correct quantity required. This also allows you to replace damaged wheels, or buy a matching spare if you wish. If you wish to buy different width or diameter wheels front and rear, please select these, and add a pair of each to your shopping basket.

** If you need advice on what sizes are suitable for your car, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail and we will advise you on what size wheels will suit your car best.

*** Most manufacturers have some restrictions for wheel sizes if your car is fitted with larger brake callipers such as Brembo.

These wheels come complete with centre caps.

Finish these excellent wheels off with some ENKEI locking wheel nuts. Now available in store!

Note: If the specific size you require is not available from stock at the time of ordering, please allow an average of an additional 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Please select your product options: Select Options
Select the colour to suit your vehicle.
Wheel Colour
Hole x PCD, Diameter x Width, Offset and weight where indicated

these wheels have many PCD selections so please make sure to select the correct wheels.
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