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Auto Select Strut Tower Bar - For GTR

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Increase structural rigidity.

Dress up your engine bay.

Maintain suspension geometry.

Auto Select are a well known GTR and Rx7 tuner in Japan, having built some of the fastest circuit spec cars loosely termed as road registered. These machines usually look like normal cars but the performance is amazing. Their Yellow Eagle Demo cars are among some of the best developed as Research and Development vehicles.

The Auto Select Skyline GT-R strut tower brace is renewed for 2007 and is a wide and strong item that substantially increases stability between the upper suspension mounts. This has the effect of keeping alignment setting stable as the body cannot flex under stresses of cornering.

Drivers of cars fitted with these items immediately notice more responsive handling and more direct steering. They also can remove some rattles and squeaks from older vehicles by increasing chassis rigidity.

The Auto Select brace is machined from high grade T6 Aluminium in a single piece for ultimate strength. Light weight is maintained by removing excess aluminium and this also gives a benefit of an improved look with the AS logo machined into the face of the bar. It is now lighter and stronger than before. 

Other company’s bars and braces are of no comparison. This one is the best available.

The Auto Select Bar wraps around the strut towers for extra support. Thats why the Nagisa Auto R34 Demo car also uses this Auto Select Bar.

Get one for your GTR today. Suitable for R32/33/34

Be careful to check your piping will fit around the strut brace before ordering.

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