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Craft Square TCA-F / TCA-N1 (Touring Competition) Mirror

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Craft Square TCA-F / TCA-N1 Touring Competition Mirror

New carbon pod design for 2010

Reduce Wind Resistance.

Reduce Weight.

Street Legal.

Great Looking Carbon finish.

Bolt on installation.

Craft Square has created these desirable mirrors. These mirrors have a great reputation and are used on many of the Japanese D1, Super Taikyu and Super GT Cars. Their racing pedigree transfers directly to the road with suitable models for most performance cars. 

Newera thoroughly recommend these items through experience with our demo cars.

TCA Type mirror buckets have been redesigned in 2010 for more aerodynamic effect. Now deeper & more rounded than before, however the overall square and triangular appearance from the front of the car looks very similar. You have to look close to see the chages.

This model allows folding movement and so are made compliant with the road regulations as they are able to fold when striking an obstacle and therefore meet the Japanese safety standards for road use. The works type mirror has a lock option for motor sports use to allow rigidity and can be added to some models as an /R racing type option.

Constructed from carbon composite material for ultra light weight and high rigidity, these mirrors not only look great, but are long lasting items also. Craft square use an original stainless steel ball joint mechanism for adjustability with the duralumin lock cap adjustment. The base is constructed from an original aluminium cast with duralumin studs and finished in a clear (or matt black) paint.

They are a direct corner mirror type replacement and can be fitted easily by removing your old mirrors and bolting on these items. About the only drawback with these items is due to the nature of reducing weight and size, electronic adjustment has been removed and is not possible. Door type mirrors are high buff finish.

Installation Types

Type F
Mirror Dimensions are 183mm wide and 73mm high
Type F position is 43mm lower and the mirror is further out for good visibility.
F type Mirror has a single attachment point for a cleaner look.

Type N1 (these have a long stem)
Mirror Dimensions are 183mm wide and 73mm high
Type N1 position is 43mm higher, but brings the mirror closer.
N1 mirror has a stem that passes through the mirror case.


This indicates a racing model option.
This option includes a specific black base and a lockable cap applied to the standard F or N1 mirror to secure the mirrors under intense vibration. 

Corner Marker Lamp.
This is a diamond cut clear lens with a small 12v orange winker lamp. Only some models can be fitted with option as listed. Great for those with FRP fenders or doors and not wanting to add the stock position indicators for weight purposes.

Blue Lens
The mirrors offer excellent reflection capability with the 1000R chrome plated mirror. Optional German made blue mirror lenses with superior anti-glare capabilities are optional.

500R Mirror
If you need even further increased visibility. A Super GT spec 500R Mirror lens option is also available. Custom made to order.

Note: some optional parts require special construction from the manufacturer and will attract an additional waiting period.
Note: Some OLDER TC model images are used for illustration purposes. The mounting positions remain unchanged.

1. Standard Model F and N1 Impreza and Lancer base plate finished with black paint.
2. Rx7 FD3s has an optional door cover plate or an optional indicator lamp adaptor as these negate the standard mounting position. Extra processing required.
3. Mazda Roadster, Mini and Lotus mirrors are door type fitment.

Please take the time to understand exactly which item you require. Check the diagrams and pictures for confirmation.
There are many combinations of TCA-F/N1 so please contact us if you have any queries prior to ordering.

For Works type /W mirrors please check the related items below.

Please select your product options: Select Options
Select the optional lens for your purpose

Note 500R lenses will be custom made and therefore require more time for delivery.
Optional Lens

Select the Mirror Type to match your Vehicle
Mirror Type & Matching
Select this option to include the trademark "Craft Square" Stickers with your mirrors.
Optional Sticker
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