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Defi Link Meter Advance CR Gauges

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Defi Link Meter Advance CR Gauges

New for February 2009

Defi is a French word meaning “challenge” that identifies a brand division of Nippon Seiki, a Japanese car instrument supplier to all major manufacturers. The Defi products are developed using the comprehensive research and technology of Nippon Seiki.

The Link Meter Advance CR Range is the latest from Defi that build upon the great BF range and bring back the previously discontinued original Link Meter series.
The Link Meter range from Defi has built an amazing reputation around the world as a reliable product to monitor your cars performance. Defi-Link Meter gauges are electronic gauges which are high response and refined design.

That’s why you’ll find them on Newera demo cars.

The patented stepping motor design calibrates 270 degrees and moves in 3027~4600 segments for ultimate accuracy in vehicle information. 

The features of the Advance CR range include the unique illumination of the gauges. When the ignition is off, the meter is displayed with a Black face or White face. Then when the nicght time illumination is on, they display beautifully with strong LED backlighting.

White face gauges display with a selectable Blue or Red illumination at night.
Black face gauges display with a selectable White or Red illumination at night.
Both have a single red illuminated gauge needle and the outside of the gauge illuminates in red at night.

Whatever you choose they display clearly and are readable from most angles.
Flat glass and precise gradation scale give more needle accuracy and visibility.

Similar to the Link Meter range in other respects, each gauge has a warning LED and a peak LED. One LED illuminates when the gauge pointer exceeds a warning value which is discretionary with the required Advance CR Control Unit.

The guages communicate two way so they are not compatible with BF, Racer or Original Link Meter gauges.

Defi-Link Advance CR Meters need to be connected to Defi-Link Advance CR Control Unit. Up to 7 gauges can be connected and controlled by one Control Unit II which in itself offers amazing functionality including 3 minute replay. The name of the connection system is "Defi-Link System." Defi-Link System allows gauges to be attached to Defi-Link Advance Control Unit with a single "DAISY CHAIN" wiring system which allows for easy installation and mounting while reducing the amount of dash wiring required.

The Defi Advance Control Unit is available in the related Items section.

Gauge Features:

Dual Opening mode and Closing: When the ignition is turned on, the gauges perform a visually pleasing preset display of operating range. During this opening mode, wire disconnections, short circuits, and serial errors are also checked. When errors are found, LEDs light up in order. A smaller display is also performed for ignition off.

White or Black gauge dials are available and are highlighted by a silver rim with a standard ring dial.
Double Warning function by a meter's LED lamp and an audible beep. (beep is on/off selectable)

Advance CR Gauges are available in 52mm and 60mm sizes only for all gauges except Tachometer which is only available in 60mm.  

Full Line-up:
Boost Pressure (for turbocharged and supercharged engines), Measure: x100kPa  Range: -100kPa~+200kPa
Intake Manifold Pressure(for natural aspirated engine), Measure: x100kPa   Range: -100kPa~+20kPa
Oil Pressure, Measure: x100kPa   Range: 0kPa~1000kPa
Water Temperature, Measure: ℃    Range: 20℃~120℃
Oil Temperature, Measure: ℃    Range: 50℃~150℃
Fuel Pressure, Measure: x100kPa   Range: 0kPa~600kPa
Exhaust Gas Temperature, Measure: x100℃   Range: 200℃~1100℃
Tachometer 60mm 0~9000 RPM

Font Bezel for “Normal” range indication.
Low position mounting hardware.
Appropriate Sensor Wiring (attachments sold separately).

* Defi-Link Advance CR Control Unit is necessary to operate Defi-Link Advance CR Meter.

** Defi-Link Meter Advance CRs are applicable to 12V vehicles only.

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