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Project KICS PCD Change Spacers - ON SALE - 15% OFF

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If you have ever bought wheels for your car, you should be familiar with the term P.C.D.


It stands for Pitch Circle Diameter, and is a measurement of how far your wheel studs are spaced. If a circle were to be drawn which passed through all the centre points of you wheel studs, and then the diameter of the circle was measured this would give you your P.C.D. The PCD is measured in millimetres, and is usually prefixed by a number, which designates how many wheel studs you have. For example 5X114.3 means a 5 stud fitment, with a PCD of 114.3mm.


If the PCD of a wheel does not match the PCD of your hub, the wheel cannot usually be fitted. This can limit your choice of wheels to fit your car, especially when buying second-hand.


With the Project KICS PCD adapting spacers, you can now choose the wheels you like the look of, and not have to worry about the PCD. Available in a spacing of 15mm, and in three different conversions. Supplied in pairs, to fit your front axle, and rear axle as needed.


Newera would recommend the optional Hub-centric Spacers also. Although not needed for fitment, for the sake of safety we would recommend these, as otherwise excess load may be put on the existing studs causing them to fail. Different options are available for hub bore outside diameter


Pick some up today, and fit the wheels you always wanted to!

Sold in Pairs for the left and right of the vichicle.

See drop down menu for fitment options.

Please select your product options: Select Options
Please select spacer type from list below

Spacers change from Original Vehicle PCD to Wheel PCD.

Listed as Thread, Spacing, HolexPCD->WheelPCD, Outside diameter, Hub diameter and Part #

Please check your vehicle’s thread as these are available in two thread patterns,
M12x1.25 Usually suits Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki
M12x1.5 Usually suits Toyota, Isuzu, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu.
Spacer PCD Selection
Please select Hubcentric ring for spacers (please select hub bore outside diameter):
Hubcentric Spacer
Enter you vehicle details for correct fitment. (if you are unsure of thread or size required)

Make (eg. Toyota), Model (eg. MR2), Vehicle Code (eg. SW20), Year(eg. 1993), Spec (eg. GT Turbo)
Vehicle Details
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